Leap List: 29 People to Help Your Marketing

The kids getting ready to "leap" off a terrain jump in Park City

The kids getting ready to "leap" off a terrain park jump in Park City

In 2010, I posted the Olympic Dream Team for Internet Marketing – a list of people from all aspects of the Marketing world who were providing thought leadership at that time. In honor of Leap Day (February 29th), I’m revisiting that list and giving you 29 Online Marketing thought leaders. Some of these people have remained on the list because they are consistently providing compelling and insightful information. People have dropped off the list, not through their own actions, but because my focus may have changed and others became more important to my current Marketing information needs, or it could be that we have simply lost touch. There are a few new names on the list that either I should have included back in 2010 or that we’ve only become acquainted since the original online Marketing Dream Team list was created. There is no particular order to the list, I’m excited to see posts from any of them in my Twitter stream, Facebook timeline, Google+ circle, or email inbox.

  1. Chris Penn
  2. Geno Prussakov
  3. DJ Waldow
  4. Wil Reynolds
  5. Chris Jones
  6. Dawn Westerberg
  7. Stephanie Miller
  8. Jen Goode
  9. Avinash Kaushik
  10. Andy Wetzler, Danielle Leitch and the MoreVisibility team
  11. Ann Handley
  12. Mike Volpe and the Hubspot team
  13. Shawn Collins, Missy Ward and the Affiliate Summit team
  14. Shelley Ryan
  15. Beth Harte
  16. Jeremiah Owyang
  17. Joseph Ruiz
  18. Elizabeth McCaffrey
  19. Jim Kukral
  20. Kristina Allen
  21. Cathryn Hrudicka
  22. John Foley Jr
  23. Megan Leap, Kathy Bushman, Penny Fiederlein and the MarketingProfs team
  24. Scott Brinker, Anna Talerico and the ion interactive team
  25. Scott Hardigree
  26. Amber Cleveland
  27. Lewis Poretz
  28. Alasdair Munn
  29. Michele Price

Bonus: Rachel, April, Andrea and Sara Beth – the ZipSetGo team (I added the ZipSetGo team and their #TNI Twitter chat as a bonus because their focus is travel rather than marketing, but I think it’s a great example of using social media marketing for the travel industry!)

OK, I cheated a little by combining people and companies on a few of the entries, but sometimes there were just too many smart people in one company to list them all! I consistently get valuable information and insights from these people and I respect their opinions. Even though we may not always agree, they always give me something to think about. Whose Marketing insights do you look forward to reading each day? Please add them in the list below…

Twitter Chats – Fantastic for Insights and Visibility

Just two short months ago, I wrote Top 12 Twitter Chats by Day and already I participate in so many more that it needs to be updated. But that’s a post for another time, although I did want to take a moment to thank Robert Swanwick for both his Twitter Chat Schedule (where you can find MANY more than my top picks) and for his post on options for Twitter chat tools.

In my Jack of All Trades, Master of One post, I told you about #SMChat and my involvement there, but I’ve found a new (to me) Twitter Chat on travel that needs to be added to the Twitter chats that I try to participate in each week. Tomorrow, I will be hosting #TNI – nothing like jumping in with both feet to social media community chat moderation! Since I love to travel and my employer is an international travel medical, security, and assistance company, it makes sense both personally and professionally for me to not only join the chat, but to offer to moderate it for the founders. #TNI was founded by the ladies of ZipSetGo.com – April, Rachel, and Sara Beth – and their site seems to be built for corporate travel planners as well as “Travel Addicts” like me.

T2 & T3: Adventure Travelers
T2 & T3: Adventure Travelers

Here are some questions I proposed for Thursday’s adventure travel topic:

  • What do you consider “adventure travel”?
  • What’s your favorite adventure travel activity & why?
  • Where are your favorite destinations for adventure travel?
  • What happens if you get hurt?

Anything else I should ask? What do you want to know about travel, especially adventure travel? Please join me at the #TNI Twitter chat this (and every) Thursday, 4/1/10, from 3:30-5P ET! (No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. Yes, I do have a tendency to moderate on holidays.)

So…that’s great, @sharonmostyn is at it again by joining in the conversation with Twitter chats, but WHY? Well, as Meryl K. Evans pointed out when describing her list of Twitter chats, “Twitter group chats offer a clever and effective way to meet people with like interests and to share insights into the topic of discussion.” What better way to connect with people via social media who have the same interests and are willing to talk about it! If you’ve got something valuable to add to the conversation then it allows you to showcase your knowledge and perhaps be thought of as an industry leader or subject matter expert. I have learned so much in the chat sessions, and I like to think I have provided some valuable insights to those who participate as well.

Do you participate in Twitter chats? Why or why not? Please leave me a comment below and let me know…or come join the conversation during #TNI or #SMchat!

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