21 Years of Mostyn Medical Mayhem…Um…I Mean, Wedded Bliss

21 years ago today, T2 and I were married. It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect – plenty of sunshine with no rain in sight, not too cold, not too hot – and here we are 21 years later with slightly colder but nearly the same weather. Even with amazing snow storms in 2009 and 2010, the weather is about the most peaceful thing to happen to the Mostyns in those 21 years.

T2 - 5 Stomach Surgeries, 16 Knee Surgeries (incl. Replacement), etc.
T2 – 5 Stomach Surgeries, 16 Knee Surgeries (incl. Replacement), etc.

I should have known when T2 missed our first date because he was getting stitches from an accident at work. When I called to find out where he was, the response from his family was, “he’ll call if he needs a ride home.” I was worried about having callous in-laws, but little did I know that Mostyn Medical Mayhem was so routine that you grow accustomed to it. T2 has had 16 knee surgeries (including finally having one knee replaced), 5 stomach surgeries, his gall bladder removed, had a finger sewn back on from a car hitting his bike as a kid, innumerable stitches, and still counting! Did I mention he needs a tonsillectomy too?

Sharon's 3 Foot Surgeries
Sharon –  3 Foot Surgeries

Being married into the Mostyn clan, I’ve had it comparatively easy…ONLY a tonsillectomy (putting a 30-year-old in the pediatric ward is a completely crazy, but that’s another rant…), 3 foot surgeries following a car accident, gall bladder removal and a hysterectomy.

T3 - Concussions, Traumatic Pancreatitis, etc.
T3 – Concussions, Traumatic Pancreatitis, etc.

T3 has taken after his father with stomach problems, but his Mostyn Medical Mayhem claim to fame is his concussions and traumatic pancreatitis from different sports. He also needed to have a crushed finger nail removed after he hit with a hammer while helping Dad, then accidentally shut it in the door, and proceeded to go rafting all day before finally deciding that maybe he would get it checked out. He was the second family member to get a tonsillectomy, and most recently a volleyball game in gym class left him with a black eye completely swollen shut.

M3 - Strained ACL, Broken Arm, etc.
M3 – Strained ACL, Broken Arm, etc.

M3 decided Dad wouldn’t be the only one in the family with bad knees. Last Memorial Day weekend she was playing 3rd base for her travel softball team and was going for the tag when she was run over by the base runner. One ambulance ride and two hospitals later, they decided it was a strained ACL. Softball isn’t the only sport where she has been injured…back in her “pony phase” she fell off and broke her arm. She has also had her tonsils removed, so that means T2 is next for sure!

Mostyn Medical Mayhem aside, we have two wonderful children and we’ve made it to 21 years of wedded bliss. As my loving husband sent in his ‘Happy Anniversary’ text: Only 54 more until our 75th! If anyone wants to sponsor our medical insurance between now and then…PLEASE let me know in the comments below!