The Luckiest Girl In Vegas!

Sharon and T2 visit the Grand Canyon prior to Affiliate Summit West 2010
Sharon and T2 visit the Grand Canyon prior to Affiliate Summit West 2010

As you know from my post on January 11th – Affiliate Summit West 2010 Here I Come – I attended the Affiliate Summit conference in Las Vegas last week. It all started at the end of 2009, when Jason Rubacky from ShareASale sent me a direct message on Twitter: ‘If I can get you a pass, would that help?” Since he was replying to my lament at MEDEX’s new affiliate program not having the budget to go to Affiliate Summit West 2010 (ASW10) this year, my answer was a heart-felt thank you for the kind offer! From that auspicious beginning, I knew ASW10 would be a lucky conference for me!

My husband, T2, and I flew in early so we could enjoy some time together before the conference began. We decided to play in a cash poker tournament on Saturday morning to practice for the Affiliate Summit Charity Poker Tournament to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation being held Saturday night. I’m not a very experienced poker player, but T2 really enjoys it so I’ll sometimes play in a tournament situation (where I know I’ll only lose a set amount of money) with him. Am I ever glad I did! We ended up coming in first (T2) and second (me) in the tournament! The winnings paid for an amazing helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon on Saturday afternoon (see the picture from our trip above)!

After our helicopter ride, T2 and I were invited to the party, where I proceeded to win a goodie bag from Team Loxly Marketing! Then it was off to the Charity Poker Tournament where T2 came in 11th and I came in 6th out of nearly 100 players! By the time the tournament was over, it was nearly 2AM Sunday so it was off to bed so T2 could make his plane the next day and I could head for the Meet Market and the first sessions of ASW10.

I was lucky enough to see Brian Littleton trying on his handmade ShareASale-logoed sweater while picking up my ticket to the amazing ShareASale party on Sunday evening. After Sunday’s sessions it was off to meet my ASW10 mentor, Karen Garcia, from GTO Management. After the Mentor Meet-up was the ShareASale party, where you didn’t have to be lucky to enjoy fun, food, and games ranging from Wii Sports to darts to craps, roulette, blackjack and poker because ShareASale picked up the tab for everything! They even had a moon bounce if you were so inclined…

Although it was midnight on Sunday night/Monday morning, several of us headed from the ShareASale party to the Strike Out Breast Cancer Midnight Bowling Fundraiser sponsored by GTO Management where sometimes being UNlucky is lucky! My team won the “Low Score” award and I won the “Most Gutterballs” award, plus a “Spare When It Counts” award – all from Things from Another World, a GTO client and sponsor of the event along with who provided great retro bowling shirts for all attendees.

I got a few hours sleep before Monday’s keynote and sessions began. After the sessions and a trip around the Exhibit Hall, it was time for the Affiliate Summit Trivia Tweetup. Although my team had a few technical difficulties (ask our team captain Brent Elias about that great football event called the Triple Crown…) we pulled off a come-from-behind win and received Gold Passes to Affiliate Summit East 2010 in August!

And my luck didn’t stop there! After another full day including the Pinnacle Awards presentation, keynote, and sessions on Tuesday, I found out that I won a gift card from the NY Times Store due to my visit of the booth! Heading to dinner from that unexpected luck, I was fortunate enough to meet up with Jen Goode in the hallway and get an invite to dinner with her and about a dozen of her nearest-and-dearest friends (or at least those lucky enough to catch up with her before they ate) following the Blogger Meet-up. A nice, interactive dinner with a mix of people I knew already and new people that I just met was the luckiest part of the trip!

Were you as lucky as I was at ASW10? Please let me know by posting a comment below!

Affiliate Summit West 2010 – Here I Come!

Visit Affiliate Summit

It has been less than 2 weeks since our New Year’s adventure and I’m already traveling again! This time next week I’ll be at Affiliate Summit West 2010, also known as #ASW10 on Twitter, and I can’t wait! Affiliate Summit announced on January 5th that the show was sold out, so it doesn’t do much good to put up my affiliate link to Meet Me at Affiliate Summit West 2010! but according to the Affiliate Summit blog,

We will be double-checking our attendee list for any duplicate registrations and as we process any cancellations, the Web site will open up and additional registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Keep checking back on the Affiliate Summit site to see if spaces are available because this is one conference you can’t afford to miss!

What the heck is Affiliate Marketing?

I’m glad you asked! The short answer is Affiliate Marketing allows someone with a website (or blog or other online method of driving traffic to your site) to become your advertising partner. A customer visits the affiliate’s site, is directed to the merchant’s (your) website and the affiliate is compensated for either the lead or the sale (depending on how your affiliate program is set up). I’ll be writing a future post on Affiliate Marketing with more details, but that’s the quick explanation.

Why can’t I afford to miss Affiliate Summit West 2010?

Ok, since it’s sold out, and this is a last-minute post, you may end up having to miss Affiliate Summit West 2010, but you should plan on attending this twice-annual conference on affiliate marketing to expand your marketing reach at a fixed cost per visit/lead/sale. Since you only pay your affiliates based on the traffic that they generate to your site, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

What do I need to know for Affiliate Summit?

Shawn Collins, an Affiliate Summit founder, posted a video First Timer’s Guide to Affiliate Summit 2010 if you need details on the event and a slide show about networking during ASW10. Adam Riemer, another active Affiliate Marketer, posted a guide on getting more from Affiliate Summit here. He suggests that a Poken is a necessity for this event.

What’s a Poken?

Poken is your social business card. Scrap the paper business card! Transfer contact info, including your social networks, instantly! Get your Poken Today! (This is a text affiliate link to Find A Poken, where I got my Poken for ASW10. I’ve also included banner affiliate links to Affiliate Summit, START POKEN, and others in the lower right hand section of my blog.)

I’m taking my Poken and business cards and headed to the show. If you’re going to be there, please look for me and say hello. I’d love to do some business together. Want me to look for you as well? Please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to connect before, during, or after the event!

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