About the Mostyns – Happily married for more than 20 years, with two teenagers, and more hospital frequent-flier miles than any one family should have!  My husband is T2, our son is T3, and our daughter is M3.

About our pets – We have two cats, Mick and Mac, brother cats who were rescued by Furrgotten Friends animal rescue.  They love to cuddle and Mac spends as much time as possible on my shoulders imitating a mink stole!  They’re really cool cats who think they’re dogs – Mac will play fetch (until he gets bored) and Mick makes a noise that sounds like a bark.  Then there is the StupidDog (yes, it’s one word) who is owned by my husband & kids and lives in my house, but is NOT my dog!!!  She’s a blue (looks gray) Great Dane from Twilight Great Danes and her registered name is Twilight’s Blue Skye.  The rest of the family calls her Skye, but she will always be the StupidDog to me.


T2 and his StupidDog