Talking SEO for our 1st Blog Birthday-Anniversary-Blogiversaryday

No Matter What Holiday, Flowers Always Work
No Matter What The Holiday Is, Flowers Always Work

One year ago today, I wrote my first post on Motherhood, Marketing, and Medical Mayhem. I was inspired by the marketing insights gained at MarketingProfs Digital Mixer. I was especially excited because I won the conference pass and I couldn’t wait to share what I learned with the world. Now, a year later, I don’t know whether to consider this my blog’s birthday, anniversary, or what? Blogiversaryday?

No matter what you call it, I’ve learned a lot — and shared a lot — over the past year, not only on my blog, but via Twitter, guest posts, and comments on the blogs of others. All of the above are great ways to increase your search engine ranking. Generally, the more links you have coming in to your website from other reputable sites, the higher your natural search ranking. This is also known as off-page SEO (search engine optimization) or link building techniques. According to SEOMOZ, the quantity and quality of external links is the #2 top search engine ranking factor barely beaten out by keyword focused anchor text from external links.

As you might be able to guess, the flip side of off-page SEO is on-page SEO. On-page SEO includes things like keyword-rich URLs, installing 301 permanent redirects, ensuring unique URLs for specific webpages, and keyword optimization. With the exception of keyword content optimization, the other on-page SEO topics are fairly technical in nature but are explained nicely by Rand Fishkin in his post on Perfecting Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization.

As noted above, the final, and perhaps most important part of search engine optimization is keywords. Keywords are what a website wants the search engines to associate with their site. The idea is to find the most popular keywords for your audience with the least competition. To help you find keywords and traffic estimates you can use the Google keyword tool. Keywords are used both on-page in content, URLs, alt text, and meta descriptions, and off-page in anchor text.

In reading the details behind the SEOMOZ rankings, I found it interesting that Conferences, Events, and In-Person Networking was the 7th most effective link building tactic for SEO since that’s why I started my blog a year ago. So what do you think – is it a blog birthday, anniversary, blogiversary, or something else? Please leave a comment below or send some “Congratulations” flowers from my affiliate link to let me know!

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  • SEOcopy

    Hey Sharon – first and foremost, Happy B-Day is in order. You’ve been doing this for a year and you’re still going strong! In responding to your question, I’m not sure I would want to box “this” with a name.

    In my humble opinion, the social networking mediums – whether blogging, conferences, Facebook, Twitter, etc – are still growing and changing daily. Someone called it a revolution; I see it as evolution. Actually, not sure if you noticed, but I posted this on my Twitter and it fits perfectly here. I’m going to quote myself :D “I stand firmly that education, communication, exchange of information and engagement are what make social media such and evolutionary revolution.” So, for what it’s worth, keep doing what you’re doing. We’re listening.

    • Sharon Mostyn

      Gabriella, thanks so much for the kind words and the B-Day wishes – which could mean birthday, blog-day or blogiversaryday!

      I agree with you that social media is an evolution, we’re all still learning because things are evolving so quickly. Your quote is especially relevant to my blogging journey and I look forward to exchanging more info with you!

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  • Lindsay Bailey

    Very helpful! Thanks for the tips

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